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From now on all Bargirl-spy clients are issued a rewards card.Returning clients are now entitled to 50% discount on all future Investigations.
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEhttp://www.bargirl-spy.com/
() July 18, 2011 — Here at Bargirl-spy Thailand Private Investigators we have been involved in the field of private investigation since 2000.
The company is led by a former Police Officer with vast experience and knowledge relevant to the industry.
Other members of the team include former Lawyers and European trained private Investigators, all with a wealth of investigative experience.
Based in Pattaya Thailand, Bargirl-spy Private Investigations is perfectly placed to use there services throughout Thailand, albeit historically inquiries nationally and internationally have been successfully undertaken.
Whilst some of this may sound impressive. As a Private Detective Agency, what sets Bargirl-spy Investigations apart from its competitors?
•Our accomplished team of investigators have an incredibly varied investigative history and this means they are more than competent at handling difficult and involved cases.
•We won't take a 'blinkered' approach to your investigation, but instead we will always endeavour to tailor a solution that will suit your specific needs.
•Our aim is to assist you, the client, in reaching a successful conclusion to what are generally difficult circumstances by the most cost-effective method possible.
•We understand how difficult it can be when issues are very sensitive, so we will always attempt to keep you, the client, informed and up-to-date as an investigation unfolds.
•Bargirl-spy Investigations has a proven track record and as a result many of our previous customers have recommended our professional services to a friend or colleague time and time again.
The integrity of our staff ensures that your matter will be treated with compassion, discretion and in complete confidence. We are data protection registered and adhere to a strict code of ethics.
Bargirl-spy.com in Association with pattaya-bargirl-investigations.com, are proud to announce our loyalty card roll out programme to all of our future clients.
Since our start up in 2000 we have steadily grown from small paper based advertising to online technology,with a large following of clients from all nationalities.
2011 we initiated out "JLP" joint limited partnership with
pattaya bargirl investigations.This enabled us to pool our resources and offer our loyal clients a reward scheme.
All clients will be issued a loyalty card which will give them a 50% discount on all future investigations.This coinsides with our August 30% discount for all new investigations.
"We offer our clients all aspects of investigations from fidelity checks to skip tracing,throughout Thailand.And we also carry out investigations in Laos,Vietnam and Cambodia"
Said Robert Winfred Heys,the companies CEO.
"We are a close knit company with 15 staff at present,based in Pattaya"
More information contact http://www.bargirl-spy.com/

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Infidelity is a issue faced by increasingly more couples. Statistics show that 15% of women and 25% of men have already had an extramarital sexual affair. Experts claim that there are certain signs of adultery and that partners can recognize these signs easily.

Communication is essential for any couple. Typically, your partner wants to discuss about something necessary, on the other hand you may try to avoid having serious conversations. In fact, the partner may believe that something is wrong in the marriage and eventually search out comfort elsewhere. As long as the partners keep avoiding honest, 1 on one discussions then the stage is being set for failure of the relationship.

When the cheating spouse criticizes the other without having solid reasons, it is for purposes of trying to erode the relationship. "You're psycho, " "You need pro help, " "Get a job!", "Go to a fitness center, " "Lose some weight" are malicious comments, intended to make the other partner feel bad. The unfaithful partner is doing this to justify their own reasons for cheating.

A common sign of infidelity is when the couples suddenly commence to quarrel often, usually started by the cheating partner. Specialists believe that such conflicts occur in 100% of cases. The reason for this can be that the cheater feels trapped in a bad relationship and wants to cause conflict and justify their own ambivalence about their affair.

Has your partner provided you expensive jewels and thoughtful gifts, although they have never done this before? Well, then he or she may be feeling guilty for the extramarital affair. It might also be that the intent is to make you feel that everything fine between you and divert attention from his or her own behavior. This is 1 of the most typical signs of adultery.

If rather all of a sudden your partner's colleagues seem to have no respect for you or become rude or give you sympathetic looks, that may be a clue that something is wrong. They may know that your partner is cheating you. It could quite well be the case that your partner claims that in front of them that you deserve this because of your behavior.

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English lessons for my Thai Girlfriend… is she cheating me?
Hello guys! I hope that someone can help me please. My teerak asked me for help to pay her English lessons and I am a little confused. I was a newbie but I gone alone for 31 days to LOS. I love this country.

First of all I need to tell you how this story started. I was in Chiangmai on my last holidays. I spent there about 9 wonderful days.

I met my thai GF in a disco with other thai girl. At the first moment I thought she was an ordinary girl not a bar-girl, we spoke about one hour and we have good feelings between each other. My GF friend a very pretty girl act sometimes like a working girl, I mean in her way of speak and behaviour. Later we went to a bar called Spicy, I had read about this place in some thai mongering pages, I saw the ambience and knew perhaps smelt in the air that there were a lot of freelances. So I changed my mind and I thought that my future teerak was a freelance, I was a little tired and after 30 minutes I told her that I want to go to my hotel and that I would like that she come with me, she answered that she was with some friends and she wanted to stay more time there. We change our cell-phones numbers and I went to the hotel, after 45 minutes she appear at my hotel, she came to my room, at this moment I asked her how much money she was expecting to receive, she answered me that she want no money from me, I asked again talking to give her 1000-1500 baths, she answer again that she want no money from me and that she like me because I was very polite with her. After that I told her that I was very sorry but I had thought that she was a freelance, she told me again that she was not. She slept with me and we make love. After that she was the rest of the days with me.

Sometimes she went to her home to cook for her nephews she told me. I was not sure about she was completing sincere with me, but I remember these days as very very happy days. Unfortunately sometimes she made some language mistakes and she spoke about her ¡husband! I was scared about that idea, later she told was not married and that she really lives with her nephews (they are 22 and 15 years old). Who knows? She lied me about her job, first she told me that she work in BKK but was in Chiangmai by and later when the days past together we have some discussions because I was very “surprised” with so long vacations, and finally she told me that she doesn’t work in BKK and that she have no job at Chiangmai.

I didn’t care about it because I really like this lady, I feel well with her. Later I came back to my country and now a few days ago she wrote me telling me that she wants to study English to understand me better when I will go to LOS next spring to see her. I have looked at internet and I have found only an Academy on Chiangmai (of course there must be dozens) from the British Council that cost 5000 baths – 20 hours, it is an intensive course. I answered my teerak that I could hep her but I told her that I looked at internet and it was quiet expensive, and I recommended her that she should look for different schools and compare between good prices. During a few days I didn’t get any response… but later… surprise! She found only one school and it cost 5000 baths – 20 hours. I think this is not a good price of course, 5000 baths can be a monthly salary of many waiters in Chiangmai, and I have read that a English teacher earns about 250-350 baths per hour, so the prices that she told me could be good for private lessons or to a very good and intensive course not for beginners. On the other hand thai language lesson cost is some very famous academies 102-75 baths per hour, and it is well know that the prices for farangs in Thailand are usually the double than for thais.

Does somebody know witch can be the prices or fees per hour for thai students to learn English in an academy in BKK or in Chiangmai? Do you think that my lovely teerak is trying to cheating me?

Thanks to any help.



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Will my Thai girlfriend cheat on me?

Lets start in the beginning and find out what brought you and your Thai girlfriend together to start with. Did you meet your Thai girlfriend in a beer bar or gogo bar in Pattaya, or did you meet her through a dating – marriage agency?
Believe it or not no matter which of the three you choose above really it is the same answer. Your Thai girlfriend set out to meet a western man to help secure her and her families future. Let’s be honest who can blame her.

I meet with guys in Pattaya all the time that have known there girlfriend for two trips to Pattaya, so in total about six months. In that time they have spent 4 weeks together living in Hotel rooms with a holiday life style. The boyfriend returns to his home country and dreams that his new girlfriend will stay faithful to him.
Thai girls have long heard the promise that this new boyfriend will look after her, will take care of her and she can stop working at the bar. Two months after the men have given this promise the money they were sending to support her stops and she finds herself back in the bar looking for a new man. Girls that have worked in Pattaya longer are wise to empty words by sugar mouth western men and have learnt to tell him what he wants to hear, taking his money for the two or three payments and sticking to the bar to continue to look for a life partner.
If you have found a Thai lady and you are serious about her, she is going to take time to believe you and have faith in you, after all she has heard the same promises a hundred times before. To demonstrate to your Thai girlfriend that you love her and wish to support her is not all about giving large amounts of money. Lesson number 1 about Thai girls, it makes no difference how much money you give, she will take more and more. Be strong with money you give to her. Don’t buy new cars, houses for her mum, house in her name or condos in her name. But ensure that you support her with enough money so she can stop work in the bar.
Most Thai ladys given a choice will not stand for 8 – 10 hours a night waiting for some fat over weight sweaty old man to take them home and when they meet a partner they trust will stop working the bar. If you the boyfriend are back in Europe for 6 months of the year leaving her in Pattaya the chances are she will have a night of pleasure. 6 months is a long time to wait for a lady. So she may cheat.

Will my Thai girlfriend cheat on me

I wouldn’t worry so much about your Thai girlfriend cheating on you, but I would be careful with how much money I give her and what she is doing with it. Never give a Thai anything you cannot afford.


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Cheating Thai girls,True stories

TRUE STORY,THAI FORUM:So there i was standing in line if front of me were these 2 Thai gals. Both heavily top loaded(Fake but still looked nice). They had a grocery basket loaded and spilling over full of food, clothing,appliances etc. These 2 Thai delights were talking away in Thai back and forth. They did not know I was behind them at first.

Anyway both of these girls had 3 cell phones each. 1 in hand( Blackberry's) and 1 in each back pocket. The phones were ringing off the hook as we sat in line. I was going to move to a different line but thought this was interesting.

So I watched these girls swap phones back and forth like a good gun slinger. All the conversations were in English in every phone they answered and clearly they were talking to some poor unsuspecting sucker at the end. Man these gals were good. They lied through their teeth on every call. Lied where they were. Lied about who they were with and their plans. See they could not hide the convo as they had to speak in English to their so called BF's. They started every call with "Tee Rak" and ended every call with "Of course I LOVE you", or just "I Love you". It was hard to keep track of the calls but I was determined to be a nosy MF. Anyway I laughed loud enough where one turned around and she smiled and said "OMG, you heard all of that".....I laughed and said..."I am impressed" "You gals swapped that around very fast and never lost who you were talking too". They both got a bit embarrassed but laughed about it. As they were counting the money for the bill their phones were getting SMS's as I know the sound on a Blackberry being I have one. These 2 gals were good.

They paid their whopping bt9,867 tab at teller and slowly pushed the loaded cart away.

I could only laugh....There were 4 to 5 suckers at the end of each of those phones(if not more) probably thinking their LiL jewel is the buttercup of their dreams and will be "Home Soon"

Goes on all the time here bud. A couple of years back, I took some bird back to my condo, a real looker she was
As I was in the shower she got a phone call off her Swiss or Swedish sponsor.
I came out of the shower and she was on my balcony. She raised her finger to her lips for me to be quiet

I went back inside, watched TV for the best part of an hour, when I thought , Fcuk This.

So I went out onto the balcony and shouted


All hell broke loose on the phone and she ran off crying

Oh well Mai Pen Rai

I wonder if he still sends the 20,000 baht a month


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Is my Thai girlfriend cheating?

recently I found out that my thai girlfriend has a thailovelinks account and I managed to get her login, when I logged in I was so angry about the fact she said she was single.

“I want man from germany good heart and not lie me.I single and have no baby I live in village and never go with western man,I sad and lonely only want love 1”

when I ask her if she had any accounts anywhere or if she talk to men she say no many times, but after I told her I saw her account she still lied about it, but in the end when she realised she could not lie any more she said she just want to make friends thats all and to learn my culture even though most the men were swiss, german, canadian, austrailian, when I am from UK.
I said to her that I can no longer send her money if she is going to use it on dating sites so now she wants to finish with me. one other thing in march she said she was pregnant and she disapeared for a week telling me she was going to kill our baby in bkk, well i had the snip 2 years ago so cant be mine but just recently I saw an email with exactly the same date from a man who said his friends were in bkk and he said they were good man no wifes and they had her contact details that is the day she turned her phone off for a week and went to bkk and like I said when she came back she said she killed her baby as an excuse. what can I do, what would you do, I love this girl.


How To Catch Your Cheating Thai Girlfriend Before It’s Too Late

Imagine this. You’re far away back in farangland. Your Thai Girlfriend is calling you once or twice a week, and emailing you letting you how much she loves you. She’s telling you how jing jai she is, and that you’re the only guy in the world for her.
However, secretly she’s carrying on with not one, but at least 5 different guys at a time! Shocking isn’t it? Just imagine you’re beautiful butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth Thai Girlfriend being bounced around a sleazy hotel room by lots of different men! Not that she’d enjoy a moment of it of course!

How To Tell If Your Thai Girl Is A Good Thai Girl Or Not

This can present a real problem for most short term Pattaya pundits who like to vacation in Thailand every year. Yes, you’ll find the odd good Thai Girl out there. However do please take note. Finding true love or a good Thai girl in the bars of Pattaya is going to be tough! The odds are stacked against cupid shooting his little arrow for you!
Why? Well simply because the girls who work the bars do so to make money. Often they have husbands, families and grandparents to support back in Iisaan. Working the bar is a simple way for them to make a living. They’ll tell you anything in order to part you from your money!
So dating Thai Bar Girls is a very hit and miss affair that should be avoided at all costs. Though having said that many a Pattaya punter finds love in the girly bars, it can happen!


Hiring A Private Detective
Over the past few years a lot of clued up punters have decided to hire an online private detective in order to find out what their Thai other half is up to when they are out of the country. Basically a team of trained investigators will follow your girlfriend and visit her bar if she is working where he will take covert pictures, and try to see if he can bar fine them.You’ll then be provided with a  full detailed report and some pictures/video. Fees can be relatively cheap compared to the long term expense of sponsoring a thai bargirl.